Monthly Archives: January 2016

Latest Snow Storm Clean-up

Morin’s  will do their best to keep the roads open and passable during the storm on Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, they will start a  final clean-up  at 9am.

Please note the final clean-up will start at 9 am, but it doesn’t mean the crews will be in your area at 9 am. Kessler Farms is a large property and final clean-up takes approximately 8 hours to complete. Morin’s and/or Management can’t give specific times as to when the crew will be in your area. Under our snow procedure the crews will sound their horns when they are in your area completing the final clean-up, so please move your cars in order to keep the process effective and as efficient as possible.

Should you leave your unit during the snow removal process and your area is not cleaned up, please do not leave your vehicle in this area as vehicles left will impede the snow removal process.  Vehicles left behind and impeding snow removal will be towed.  Cars  may be parked at any one of the clubhouses located on Tinker Road, Glastonbury Drive and Kessler Farm Drive.   Many villages also have overflow parking which is available as well.

Morin’s has asked the no cars be parked in the roads , this would include individual roads into each village.  Parking on the roads will make it nearly impossible for them to open the roads to the full width of the roadway during the snow storm which is essential for safe passage.

If you can’t park your vehicle in your driveways, please park at one of the clubhouses (located on Tinker Road, Glastonbury Drive and Kessler Farm Drive).   Many villages have overflow parking as well.

If your unit is rented, it is the unit owner’s responsibility to provide this information to the tenant.  You can direct them to Latest News block/Twitter feed.

To make snow cleanup more efficient please shovel snow off any decks that are over parking or walking areas prior to final clean-up so the plows can move the snow away.

We appreciate your help with the overall snow removal process!!