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A message from our Property Manager on the snowstorm.

Good Afternoon,

This incoming storm is a hard one to get some accurate information on.  It appears it will start as snow by 7 pm in Southern NH  (but looking outside my office windows is snowing pretty good right now) followed by sleet and ending with rain.

Since we are not sure what is going to happen Monday into Tuesday (January 23-24,2017) there will not be any final clean-up on TuesdayJanuary 24, 2017–  at this point.

If it is determined that a final clean-up is needed, I will be done on WednesdayJanuary 25, 2017 – and I will send out the email blast with final clean-up instructions.

Please be drive safely.

Cheryl Demetriou
The Villages at Kessler Farms

The current forecast:

NH1 First Alert Weather Warning: Storm hits NH with icy mix of snow, sleet Monday night into Tuesday

By:  Ryan Breton

NH1 Meteorologist

A storm that brought severe weather, flooding rains, and tornadoes to the southeast over the weekend is headed in our direction.

This incoming storm will be loaded with moisture, but the lack of deep cold air will prevent this from being a pure snowstorm. Instead, a variety of precipitation will hit the Granite State.

Some scattered snow showers are possible this afternoon and evening, but steady snow holds off until after the evening commute.

Snow will begin in southern New Hampshire between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday. Some sleet may mix in initially, but as the column of air cools, a burst of snow is expected. Precipitation will overspread the northern half of New Hampshire after 10 p.m., taking until after midnight to reach the North Country.

Once the precipitation starts, it’ll ramp up quickly, with the heaviest falling overnight into Tuesday morning.

Milder air will move in aloft toward dawn, while temperatures at the ground will remain near or below freezing. This sets up a messy mix. Near the seacoast and in southeastern New Hampshire, temperatures should rise above freezing, with a plain rain for the morning commute. However, north and west of Nashua, it may be quite icy with a mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow.

Steady precipitation will come to an end during Tuesday morning, with scattered areas of freezing rain into Tuesday afternoon. I don’t expect temperatures to rise much at all on Tuesday, so icy spots will linger inland.

Another important element of this storm will be the wind. East-northeasterly gusts to 50 mph are possible near the coast and in some of the hilly terrain. This may cause scattered power outages, especially in areas with snow and ice.

There may also be some minor coastal flooding, beach erosion, and splashover for a few hours surrounding Tuesday’s 8:41 a.m. high tide at the seacoast.

Snow totals will depend on how much sleet mixes in. If sleet mixes in early, then the lower end of the ranges are expected. If the precipitation falls as snow for a longer period of time, higher amounts will occur.