Monthly Archives: March 2017


The weather stations are predicting a snow storm that could leave NH with 5-10″ inches of snow.

The Property Manager has spoken with Morin’s and they will do their best to keep the roads open during the storm.

They ask the no one park on the road leading into each Village and park at one of the three clubhouse.  Morin’s has also indicated that if all cars move in a section of buildings when they are cleaning they will try to remove as much snow in front of the garages as possible.  They will not try to squeeze into between parked cars and/or when cars have moved out of their spots.  This can become dangerous for them.

The clubhouse for parking your vehicles are located on Glen cliff (Tinker Road Pool), Glastonbury Pool house and the Main clubhouse next to the water tower.  Some villages  have overflow parking and all residents can use the overflow parking within the community.

In speaking with Morin’s, some weather models are predicting the storm to be moving out of the area by Saturday evening.

Starting on SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 2017 –  they will begin the final clean-up  starting at 9:00 AM.  This date may change if it continues to snow into the late morning or early afternoon.  Please check you email for updates.

They will sound their horns when they are in your village doing the final clean-up, so please move your cars.

Cars that impede the snow removal process will be towed.

If your unit is rented, it is the unit owners responsibility to forward this email message to your tenant.

Let’s once again show a lot of courtesy to our neighbors when cleaning off the cars and getting them out of the way so Morin’s can clean up the area.