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Reminder: No delay in trash removal

Please note there will not be a delay in the trash pick-up this week due to the holiday. It is scheduled for Thursday as usual.


North Point Property Management LLC on behalf of The Villages at Kessler Farm Condominium Association
(603) 594-2300 |

Guidelines for Flushing

Good afternoon,

We hope everyone is doing and holding up well during these uncertain times. This is a simple reminder that ONLY toilet paper should be flushed. So-called “flushable wipes,” paper towels, tissues, etc. will compromise VKF’s septic system, the two pumps, and the waste treatment plant for Nashua.

Pump repairs can be expensive, and the association has had problems with clogs caused by wipes many times over the years. Be well and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.


North Point Property Management LLC on behalf of The Villages at Kessler Farm Condominium Association
(603) 594-2300 |

Coyote sightings on Foxmoor Circle

There have been multiple sightings of coyotes in the area of Foxmoor Circle. We ask that food (pets, wildlife, etc) not be placed outdoors.

Please report any coyote sightings to the Property Manager. Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.

More information
Human Society: Coyote hazing – Guidelines for discouraging neighborhood coyotes

NH Fish & Game: Eastern Coyote

Christmas Tree Pickup

MD Trash Removal will pick up Christmas trees on Friday, January 10.

Please have your tree outside by 7 am. All decorations must be removed. This will be a one time pick up. Unit owners who miss the pick-up will be responsible for the disposal of the tree.

If you have any questions, please call David at 877-423-5050.

Trash Removal Delayed

The trash pick up this week will be on Friday, December 6 due to the snowstorms we had at the beginning of the week.

If you have any questions, please contact our Property Manager at 877-423-5050.


Snow Removal Procedure Reminders

Dear Owners,

As you are aware, we are predicted to have our first snowstorm of the season starting Sunday night with the potential for significant plowable snow totals. The weather forecast is also calling for the potential mixture of rain/ice which will create slippery conditions. With this first storm, we would like to remind you:

1. Please follow the parking and snow removal rules for the Association. Vehicles parked inappropriately make it very difficult for the snow contractor to perform clean-up and can create unsafe conditions.

2. Prepare for the winter season and potential for power outages by having a flashlight, batteries, water, and radio available.

3. Please maintain the heat in your unit at a minimum of 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing. If you will be away, we recommend providing a key to a neighbor or friend who can periodically check in on the unit.

4. If your plumbing is located on an exterior wall, open cabinets and doors to allow heat to circulate around any plumbing. Turn off water to any exterior water spigots for your unit.

5. Stay inside during the storm and only drive if absolutely necessary.

North Point Management will be open for our normal hours on Monday, 8:30 am to 5 pm. For after-hour emergency issues that involve immediate safety and property damage issues, please use our normal toll-free number of 877-423-5050. Please do not use the after-hour emergency line for snow removal issues as Owners will be charged $65 per call for non-emergency issues.

Thank you.


North Point Property Management LLC on behalf of The Villages at Kessler Farm Condominium Association
(603) 594-2300 |

VKF Board Additions & Subtractions

The Board of Directors appointed Margaret Bush as President on September 17, 2019. Margaret joined the Board in June.

Former President Michael Barry announced his resignation earlier this summer. The Barry’s have found a new home outside of Kessler Farms.

The Board and North Point Management thank Michael for his leadership and guidance. We will all miss him.

Kim Beaudoin was elected to replace Michael’s seat.

Visit North Point’s Homeowner portal to access the minutes from the September meeting.



Please be aware that the clubhouse has limited capacity and based on responses there are approximately 14 people who have confirmed to me they are attending the meeting tonight. If we have more people show up than the clubhouse can accommodate, unfortunately people will have to be turned away.

This meeting is only to explain what a neighborhood watch is to help determine if this is something folks are interested in bringing back.

Any questions not related to the information presented I ask that they be held until after the Nashua PD has finished.

I will have a sign in sheet only for the purpose of identifying what streets are being represented to identify gaps and to indicate if attendees are interested in being their street point of contact. That way if there is enough interest to formally bring back neighborhood watch some recruitment can be done where no representation has been made or where no point of contacts have volunteered.

Ideally for meetings 1-2 people per street (which can of course rotate) to act as liaison would help make sure no one is turned away. My street has 24 units with 1-5 adults at each unit, so if everyone on my street attended we would be over capacity. We have over 400 units in our community.

Thank you,

Joellyn Crowley


Dear Neighbor,
This is an invitation to you to help deter crime in our neighborhood.
We are getting together to talk about Neighborhood Watch, a simple neighbors-helping-neighbors
program that has helped other communities reduce crime by as much as 65%. Many watch groups have not only seen crime go down, but have discovered a new feeling of security and belonging among neighbors.
All of us are concerned about becoming the victim of a crime, but no one of us can fight crime alone. Not even the police can do it without our help. And isolating ourselves behind locked door and not knowing our neighbors, actually makes it easier for burglars and other criminals to take advantage of our neighborhood.
At the meeting you will learn about the activities of a neighborhood watcher. What’s asked is really quite simple, such as picking up the newspapers and mail when your neighbor is away on vacation. Or keeping an eye out for unusual activity like a strange person snooping around a house, then alerting the police and your neighbors.
A Crime Prevention Specialist from the Police Department will be here to talk about the best ways to protect our neighborhood and answer questions.
Why Should I Participate?
• Because crime – and the distrust and isolation it creates – hurts each of us, our neighbors and children.
• Because areas with active Neighborhood Watches have reported dramatic reductions in crime and fear of crime.
• Because our community effort needs you to make it work!
Please join in.
Thank you.


DATE: Thursday, October 4, 2018
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: Main Clubhouse
CONTACT: Joellyn Crowley

Power Outage & Emergency #

Good day everyone, 
As you are well aware, the Villages at Kessler Farm community lost power at approximately 8:37pm on Friday night due to an automobile accident at Lochmere Lane.  Power was restored at approximately 3:06am.  

The Property Manager was on site with the crew while assessment of the damage was being made and repairs began.

These types of circumstances are considered an emergency and it is requested that the Property Manager be contacted via the emergency office number at 603-622-7000 or 888-840-1777 if you are aware.

Please adhere to the community speed limit and drive carefully.

Thank you